February 2017
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Message from Campaign

Dear Class of 2019,

If the transition from RC4 to our new campus defined the past two classes, our status as the first class to spend all four years on our new campus is what gives us a unique place in the history of Yale-NUS. Many of us arrived with a pioneering spirit, much like our forebears, ready to carve out our own space in an institution that presented and still presents boundless possibilities. Thanks to the efforts of the previous two classes, there were many things we didn’t have to start from scratch. In juggling maintenance of existing practices yet staying true to our entrepreneuring spirit, we have quietly made our mark on the campus community.

It might be this quietness, this commitment to working behind the scenes to ensure that things don’t merely work, but flourish on campus, that has caused our class to be known as the boring class, the class that did nothing spectacular. But for those in the know, it is precisely this commitment to ensuring things function that makes our class special; we display our care not through pioneering new things, but rather through upkeeping and improving upon what is already present.

With the third iteration of the Senior Class Gift (SCG), our class has shown that we are equally capable of bringing new ideas to the fore as much as we have sustained existing practices. On behalf of the SCG Committee, we’re proud to announce that in addition to Financial Aid, which previous SCGs have supported, a new fund – the Counselling Support Fund – has been established to provide support for counselling initiatives, programmes and services that help promote mental health at Yale-NUS. This means that you can give towards either priority (or both!) – whether that means supporting other students whose financial circumstances preclude them from this education experience, or enabling classes below us to benefit from additional mental health support.

Our educational experience has been one of a kind; in our time here, we’ve been challenged to look beyond typical Occidental narratives in our learning, we’ve been invited to explore opportunities beyond becoming mere top-earners, and we’ve been encouraged to take an active role in shaping community life. If you want other students to partake in the privilege of being part of this unique experience, if you’d like to continue supporting students as they navigate through this uncertain yet undoubtedly exciting journey, we warmly invite you to participate in SCG 2019!


Look Woon Wei ’19 & Yip Wing Yan ’19

Campaign Co-Directors

Senior Class Gift Commitee 2019


* Your gift will be counted towards the Senior Class Gift if you are a senior who is on track to graduate either from our four-year programme before May 2020, or from our Concurrent Degree Programmes / the Double Degree Programme with Law before May 2021.

Tradition of Giving

Let’s keep the spirit of giving alive after this campaign by pledging to give back to Yale-NUS for the next 5 years! Giving back to our community – even after graduation – is an important part of sustaining and cherishing Yale-NUS as our home and community.

Participation Goal

Help us reach our goal of 85% participation by making your Senior Class Gift today!